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How to Add More Information About Your Product With a Limited Amount of Space

There are many different kinds of labels for special applications.

Today,we will show how and when to use extended content labels. They are also referred to as extended text, label booklets, fold out panels, and ECL labels. They have layers of pages that allow you to print on (both front and back sides).

These versatile labels allow you to add a lot of information in a small area. Cosmetics and electronics, for example, may require small packaging that does not provide enough space to put all of the information that you would like (or required) about your product.Extended Content Label

Main Uses for Extended Content Labels

    • Instantly Redeemable Coupons: Consumers can peel the coupon off and receive a discount at checkout.
    • Contests and Sweepstakes: Increase sales by offering prizes. Customers can peel off the rules and entry form.
    • Recipes: Offer different ways of preparing meals that use your product and related ingredients.
    • Cross Promotion: Show how your product can be used for different things, steering the consumer to other brands that you produce.
    • Bi-lingual: Print your labels in several different languages and reach a broader market share, while also cutting down on printing costs.
    • Warranties, Safety Precautions, Instructions, and Storage: Place all of this inside of the label, saving the front for promoting your brand.

To gain shelf appeal, a product label needs to stand out and draw the consumers’ attention. If you have a lot of information about your product, the last thing you want to do is clutter up the product label – your main focal point. Save the front of your label for promoting your brand and logo, and take advantage of a customer’s limited attention by placing finer details in an extended content label.

If you feel that your product will benefit from extended content labels, consider Wayne Trademark, a well known and respected label and packaging company for your source of eye-catching labels.

In the printing and packaging business for over 75 years, Wayne Trademark has the skills and technology to provide packaging with the visual appeal that manufacturers seek for their brands.

Top names in food, beverage, electronic, household goods, garment and industrial packaging choose Wayne Trademark because of the exceptional quality they receive on every order. Call 800-327-1290 to schedule your next print project.

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