Flexible Packaging


The packaging industry has been propelled to astonishing heights since the creation of flexible films. Packaging has been able to grow and evolve to adapt to the needs of products around the globe due to the development and utilization of these films, manufacturing practices, and continual innovations. Because of flexible film’s abundant characteristics, the application of various manufacturing methods and supplementary polymer provides the means to increase the appeal to a broad spectrum of products. Changing consumer lifestyles is giving way to flexible packaging over rigid packaging due to its convenient format, light weight, superior barrier properties, prudent use of material resources and its printable quality.

As one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry, flexible packaging combines the best qualities of plastics, film, paper and aluminum foil to deliver a broad range of protective properties while employing a minimum of material. Typically taking the shape of a bag, pouch, liner or wrap, flexible packaging is defined as any package or any part of a package whose shape can be readily change.

Leading the way in packaging innovations, flexible packaging adds value and marketability to food and non-food products alike from ensuring food safety and extended shelf life by providing heat seal, barrier protection, ease of use, press-to-seal and high quality print finishes. The life cycle of flexible package demonstrates many sustainable advantages. First, flexible packaging produces a fraction of waste during the printing process, overall reducing landfill discards. Secondly, innovation and technology have enabled manufactures to use fewer resources in the creation of their packages. Improvements in productions processes have reduced water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas and emissions and volatile organic compounds. Finally, lighter-weight flexible packages results in less transportation-related energy and fossil fuel consumption, and environmental pollution. The printing and packaging industry continues to advance at an unprecedented rate.

Whether the consumer is an individual or an industrial buyer, a product’s packaging has a remarkable impact on the buying decision. Consumers today value a user-friendly package as a powerful part of the overall product. Purchasing decisions are made in part on the augmented product, the value added benefit that packaging can create. Today, end-users of medical and industrial products demand that the packaging enhance the overall functionality of a product. Trends often come and go before anyone notices them. Flexible packaging trends seem to have a longer lifespan than most, signaling that the format is here to stay.

Vinh Q. Nguyen is Estimator for Wayne Trademark. For information about Flexible Packaging contact vnguyen@waynetrademark.com (800)327-1290

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