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Hang Tags consist of a small piece of printed material that is attached to a product to provide identification and it’s intended use. They contain additional information about the brand, the material used, and proper care. Other uses include contact information, warranties, barcodes and price. Hang tags provide the consumer with useful information about a product which in turn may persuade them to make a purchase.

Hang tags are extremely versatile, in that they can be used in many different ways for product promotion. They can be printed on both sides on a wide variety of substrates and in different shapes and sizes. For extra appeal, they can be produced in a matte or gloss finish. Specialty varnishes, coatings, embossing, and foil stamping can add even more options to achieve the finished look desired.
Hang tags are precision die-cut. Standard sizes are available, or if desired, custom shapes can be produced. Some manufacturers have hang tags cut to match the shape of their logo and add supporting colors to strengthen their brand. Drill holes can be added so that string can be threaded through for hanging on merchandise. This is widely used in apparels so that they can be hung from a button, collar, or belt loop. They are also a popular choice for cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, and perfumes.
Hang tags are most commonly used when an adhesive label is not desired or isn’t feasible. If a product is too small to use an adhesive label, or when the manufacturer doesn’t want an adhesive applied to the product, hang tags can be an ideal solution. They are also a great alternative to sewn in garment labels.
Hang tags add style and elegance to a product. They can increase the perceived value by having eye-catching graphics and a more in-depth description about the product and how the consumer will benefit from its use. They are an excellent choice for promoting additional products that a manufacturer or distributor may carry, or new products that they are planning on introducing into the market.

garment hang tag

Whether adding price, more information, guarantees, or instructions, hang tags give a product owner the opportunity to increase branding; and at the same time, add class and sophistication to increase appeal and desire of a product.

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