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Sometimes, Having a Good Product is Not Enough

No matter how fantastic a product is, customers have to notice it on the shelf before
they can take it home and try it.

If consumers don’t recognize it, they move on without giving it a second thought. Shelf impact is the one thing that can cause your product to stand out from your competitors, and entice consumers to put it in their shopping cart.

Studies have shown that consumers take just a few seconds to make a selection while shopping. On a crowded shelf with the surrounding products also competing for
attention, this is the time for your product label to tell its story and persuade the
customer to choose your brand instead of  your competitors’.

Your goal should be to get consumers to notice your brand first. If they stop and examine
it, chances are that they will most likely purchase it. Once they become a satisfied customer, you can count on many repeat sales and development of brand loyalty.
For over 75 years, Wayne Trademark has been helping businesses get their products
noticed in the marketplace. From Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop enterprises,
our unique way of producing vibrant and attention getting labels has ensured that good
products get off the shelf and into the consumer’s home.

Our client list includes top names in food, beverage, electronic, household goods, garment
and industrial packaging.

Call 800-327-1290 to see how we can provide a solution to your label and packaging needs.

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