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Product Packaging

Well designed packaging quickly identifies a brand to current users, and tries to persuade those who are not using it, to try it.

In the average supermarket, over 10,000 items are competing for the customer’s attention. More often than not, the package design wins the competition.

Five Functions of Packaging

 Containment and Protection

The fundamental purpose for packaging is to hold and protect the product. Packages must keep the product fresh, safe from shipping damages, moisture, and odors. Consumers want their merchandise in a functional container that has not been tampered with.

A package must identify a product quickly, using the trademark or brand name. Packaging is so important that many of the largest brands have been using the same design for years. Consumers prefer high visibility and clearly labeled products.

Packages should be easy to ship, store, and display. Consumers want products that can be stored without much effort and easily opened.

Consumer Appeal
Effective marketing can depend on how well the package appeals to the consumer. Size, color and shape are all important in gaining shelf impact. Secondary uses for the container after the product is used (a wine bottle for a vase, a butter container for storing leftovers) can also enhance marketability.

The materials used, equipment to fill packages, manufacturing, storage, shipping, and associated labor; all affect the cost of the packaging, as well as the price of the product. Sometimes the price of the product can be offset by increased sales from using packaging with high consumer appeal.

Businesses spend more money on packaging than advertising because of the trend toward self-service. This means the package plays a role in both advertising and selling.

In addition to design, consideration should also be given to:

  • How it communicates verbally
  • The amount of prestige desired
  • Stand out appeal

Our printing and packaging techniques are recognized for helping brands stand out on the shelf. For over 75 years, Wayne Trademark has been helping businesses get their products distinguished from their competitors.

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