Consumer Purchase Intentions

Product Packaging


Make Sure That Your Product is Getting Attention

at Point of Sale

Consumers see many more items on a shelf than they are considering for purchase. The Wharton School of Business conducted a study on shelf appeal and found that there is a correlation between how much attention is given to a product, then re-examined; and purchase intent. If a shopper looks at a product, looks away then back again, then the purchase intention increases. Each time this procedure is repeated, more consideration is given and the buying intention continues to increase.

In today’s fast paced economy, it is important that a shopper finds the product they are looking for in as short of time as possible.

Things to Consider for Your Brand:

  • How long does it take the consumer to notice your product on the shelf?
  • Do they see it before they see competing products?
  • How much attention does your product get, compared to competing products?
  • How long were their fixations on it?
  • How long does your brand retain the attention that it is given?

Product packaging, including shapes, colors, sizes and logos play a huge role in attraction power. It has become your salesman and sole representative in the marketplace.

Most consumers will not spend time evaluating your competition if they notice your brand first and have been satisfied with past purchases.


Assorted Product Labels

When designing your packaging, consider Wayne Trademark, an experienced label and packaging company in business for over 75 years.

Our goal is to provide outstanding quality so that your brand gets the attention it deserves.

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