Use Labels to Convey Urgency

Get the Consumer to Buy Now…Before They Change Their Mind

Creating Urgency
So you’ve done your job well; your product has shelf impact, an eye-catching label, and is visually appealing to the consumer. What could possibly keep it from flying off
the shelves?

Sometimes a customer is unsure and will  waver back and forth in making a decision to purchase. Is it possible to give consumers a gentle “push” towards purchasing your brand?

One of the goals in packaging is to get the buyer to make a decision to purchase now. Often, a label will build an excellent case for the product, but the consumer is still not convinced.

Here are some suggestions to give that extra push and compel the shopper to get off of the fence and buy now by conveying urgency on the label

    • Don’t assume that the shopper remembers everything about your product, even if it has been heavily advertised. Provide a quick summary on the label for reassurance. People are more likely to purchase when they read the label and can perceive the benefits.
    • Don’t forget about all of the extra things that your product can do.
      Describe on the label how your product can be used in different settings and for different uses. Point out how it can take the place of more than one product that they are currently using. This makes the consumer feel that the purchase will be smart, plus save them money.
    • Make the offer something that should be taken advantage of right now, such as a discount, a limited offer, or instantly redeemable coupons.

Consumers place more value on products once they own them.

The sooner someone buys and uses your product, the sooner you can look forward to having one more satisfied customer who will provide good word of mouth advertising.


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